The five best supplements to take

Best supplements to takeIn my line of work I have had an opportunity to learn how hundreds of different supplements work. This is based on peer-reviewed science and the clinical experience of functional medicine doctors I have learned from.

Of course, this also means I have spent way too much money on supplements over the years. I used to feel guilty about this but I realized it helped me learn which ones pack the most punch. (Keep in mind this is all super individual and depends on your particular health battles.)

With that said, if someone held a gun to my head and told me I could only have five supplements, here are the ones I would choose:

Glutathione supplements

Glutathione is a game changer if you are deficient, which many people are. Just being alive in the modern world depletes glutathione, our body’s master antioxidant. Glutathione has much work to do protecting us from toxins, modern diets, stress, inflammation, etc.

When I started taking large amounts of glutathione my niggling, lifelong struggle with constipation vanished. It also stayed gone, even if I go stretches not taking it. It is great at quenching inflammation.

The best form of glutathione is liposomal, and many people need to take three to four times the recommended dose.

My favorite glutathione product is Trizomal Glutathione from Apex Energetics. You can order through my Apex online store — I offer discounts to members of my Apex Insiders Club.

Not gonna lie, glutathione is expensive. Therefore, I have instructions to make your own (supposed) liposomal glutathione here. Just take a lot more.

The thing with glutathione or other anti-inflammatory supplements like turmeric or resveratrol is you may need to consume significantly more than the recommended dose to quench inflammation. The amount you need depends on the how bad your inflammation is.

Vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D is another powerful game-changer. It’s also anti-inflammatory and something most people are deficient in due to modern diets. I like to take about 10,000 IU a day, more if I’m having a flare or a health challenge. It’s ideal to take all the fat-soluble vitamins—A, D, E, and K—but if you can only choose one, choose D.

You can order various forms of vitamin D through my Emerson Ecologics or Apex Energetics online stores at a discount and with flat-rate shipping fees.

Adrenal adaptogens

This is one of those supplements I notice more when I’m not taking it. This combination of herbs and nutrients supports the brain-adrenal axis so your body’s rhythms are more stable. It also helps buffer your body from the many stressors life is throwing at us these days.

Emerson Ecologics has some great formulas but my favorite is Adaptocrine from Apex Energetics. It has long been their best-selling supplement.

Methyl B complex

Some people have genetic variations that make them poor methylators, which can be helped by methyl B vitamins. These Bs are also just more bioavailable. My daughter and I both notice they help with general adrenal fatigue symptoms.

I use Methyl SP from Apex Energetics or Glycogenics by Metagenics, available on Emerson Ecologics.

Spore probiotics

Probiotics had never done anything for me, but then I met Megaspore. (Click on the link to email me for a generous discount on Megaspore.)

At first I took the recommended dose and had a massive flare that took weeks to recover from. I have psoriasis and my face looked like someone threw hot oil all all over it. So I began again, this time starting with about 1/5th of a capsule and slowly working my way up. This took a couple of months, and my psoriasis disappeared.

After developing mold illness I had to start the process over again. Now I take one capsule every other day. (I think two capsules a day is overkill for a fairly expensive product.) A psoriasis flare has not occurred since. I still grapple with my other chronic health issues, but it’s a RELIEF not to have major raw, red rashes on my face. My daughter also has psoriasis and it has had the same effect on her. I believe it knocked a hefty dent in some dysbiosis and possible endotoxemia issues.

Again, email me for a generous discount on Megaspore.

There are tons more supplements I could mention, like fish oil (I try to eat fish regularly), evening primrose oil, butyrate, hydrochloric acid, and liver/gallbladder support, but the ones above are the most general, all-purpose ones for support in a modern industrialized world.

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