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I can answer basic questions regarding supplement choices. For more in-depth help, I can refer you to one of several excellent functional medicine practitioners I know who work remotely.

*Please review Apex’s return policies before ordering. While I provide access, ordering and customer service happen through Apex Energetics.

Apex Energetics quality

Apex Energetics makes some of the highest quality supplements available. They rigorously test their supplements for purity. As a result, they will not release a supplement found to be contaminated with any toxins.

Dr. Datis Kharrazian, one of the leading innovators in functional medicine, designs these supplements to support the protocols he pioneers.

If you read his books or take his courses then you are familiar with his approaches. This is your resource for buying his formulations.

I’m sorry, products are not available outside of the US through this store.

Functional medicine practitioner referral

It is best if you can work with a functional medicine practitioner. Over the years I have come to know some of the best functional medicine doctors. They attend every training seminar from the best educators (including Dr. Kharrazian), work with the most complex cases, and dedicate their hearts and souls to helping people solve complex health cases.

I do not receive a referral fee or any kickbacks. I just want to see you connect with a genuinely good practitioner. Please be aware that health insurance typically does not cover functional medicine care.

Please contact me and I will refer you to a practitioner who works remotely or who is perhaps in your area.

(I am not liable or responsible for any undesired outcomes or experiences.)

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