I’m someone who has always been on a budget while striving to manage chronic health conditions. This is why it’s important to me to help those in the same boat. I am pleased to offer a generous discount through several shops that I love and use regularly: Emerson Ecologics Wellevate, Apex Energetics, and Microbiome Labs.

Emerson Ecologics Wellevate

As an approved affiliate of Emerson Ecologics, I am pleased to offer you 25% off your Emerson Ecologics order. (Please note this is for individual use only and large volume orders will result in permanent banning of your account.)

Simply click on this link and you will then be taken to the Emerson Ecologics site to register.  Your discount will be automatically applied to your cart.

Wellevate Logo

I also offer generous discounts to Apex Energetics and Microbiome Labs (their Megaspore is an amazing probiotic), two companies that make the highest caliber supplements that have personally helped me and my family profoundly. To join, simply use the code FHN.

I am available to members for basic nutritional consulting to help you choose the right supplements, or I can refer you to an excellent functional medicine doctor for more advanced help with complex cases.

Please note this is for individual use only and unusually large orders will result in a permanent ban of your account.

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