Day 6 EWOT — post arthroscopic knee surgery EWOT high

I almost blew up my EWOT bag by accident.
I almost blew up my EWOT bag by accident.

I think I did two more sessions of EWOT while injured. I was demoralized by my MRI diagnosis and the inevitably of surgery. My knee was also getting worse and I was losing mobility. So I put away the EWOT equipment until after the surgery a few weeks later.

It was two weeks post-surgery before I got back on the spin bike to use my EWOT system. In the meantime, I had two hooks installed in the ceiling to hang the EWOT bag horizontally from the ceiling. This has made all the difference in the world in terms of making the system usable.

I have now done two sessions. My knee is not fully functional yet so I’m pedaling with no resistance and mainly pushing with my good leg. As such, my heart rate is not getting that high and I have yet to indulge in the full EWOT experience.

But oh what a difference! The difference in my mood and energy was instant and noticeable. Between the cycling and the oxygenation I know this is going to be great for my knee recovery.

The injury, traveling alone for medical tourism in the US for surgery, and those first few days of recovery back at home were tough. It was not the best time to start EWOT therapy. But the good news is it’s totally set up for me to gradually increase my cycling intensity and tissue oxygenation.

Oh, and I accidentally left the oxygen concentrator on too long and almost blew up the bag. The stitching and durability of this thing is impressive.

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