Day 4 EWOT — good brain fog remedy

Something I ate gave me brain fog before my EWOT session, I’m not sure what yet though I have an idea. I did not want to do the EWOT session. I felt tired and unmotivated. But I’m already addicted to feeling great when I wake up so I geared up. I started out in the chair with some arm rolls, windmills, and punches, and then moved onto some standing stretches and toe touches. It took longer than normal to work through the bag of oxygen because my heart rate wasn’t as high, but it provided significant — though not total — relief from brain fog.

I seemed to have had my best night of sleep so far and, again, woke up feeling amazing. This is good because it helped prepare me for the bad news at the doctor that my meniscus is completely mangled, they’re taking it out, and I’ll probably need a knee replacement down the road. Though rather trivial in the grand scheme of orthopedic possibilities, the removal of an important piece of knee cartilage (and possibly an entire knee in the future) was nevertheless a blow, like a formal induction into the Academy of Advanced Aging and Finite Existence. Those reminders are always sobering.

Having to roll up the bag after each session, put it away, and then pull it out, lay it out, and refill it each day is already a pain. I have decided to hang it from the ceiling against the wall and move some furniture out to accommodate it. I’m looking forward to it being ready to go from now on, I think this will help me use it earlier in the day. I think it also will more easily flow into the mask if it’s hanging versus lying.

The timing of discovering EWOT is funny with this injury, but I hope it will help keep my knees in good shape from here on out, and the rest of my joints, organs, and so forth. The good news about a bum meniscus is they say cycling is great, so it will be interesting to see what happens when I can get back on my spin bike and get my heart rate up much higher while using EWOT.

The fact that I’m having such noticeable results with such low output means it might be the most my cells can handle for now — anymore might throw me into metabolic overload or an unnecessarily aggressive detox. As one who is overly prone to jumping in head first, this gradual introduction could be more beneficial in the long run for helping detox my system of mold mycotoxins while slowly beefing up my metabolic capacity.

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