Day 2 EWOT experience — having better mornings

I was concerned that because my first session made me high and spacey that I might crash the next day. A doctor friend warned me against any negative symptoms like that, which indicate metabolic overload. A sick cell is not equipped to suddenly handle a ton of anything, no matter how good it is, even oxygen.

But luckily I felt great the next morning after a deeper-than-normal sleep. Mornings have always been tough for me since becoming a mom all those years ago. Years of frequent night wakings, a general downward spiral in my health after my second child was born (that was when my health issues began), and then the broken carnival ride that is perimenopause — mornings could be a struggle.

But after my first EWOT session I woke up feeling much more alert and rested than normal. If my knee worked, I could see myself being one of those people out walking the trail at dawn (I have decided my knee-recovery reward will be a dog).

Speaking of injured knees, I noticed mine felt significantly better. Less painful and more limber. Almost normal, except for being stuck in the off position. However, that was soon undone by my first-ever MRI, during which the technician crammed my swollen and painful knee into a tight vice for 25 minutes. Ow!

After my MRI, I did my second EWOT session. My arms were tired from the chair aerobics the day before (!), so I stood mostly on my good leg and did stretches, toe touches, arm windmills, and whatever I could think of to get my heart rate up.

Sleep was pretty decent again but I felt even better this morning after two days of EWOT. I also felt much more energetic. For the first part of the day this translated into extreme irritation because of my lack of mobility, but then I put myself to work tidying up, vacuuming, finishing undone projects, and sitting in the sun.

Despite the evil MRI, my knee feels significantly better and I’m able to put more weight on it. It still won’t straighten but I’m holding out hope I won’t need surgery.

Motivation and compliance are always key factors with any pricey health gadget. I sold my PEMF mat to buy a used cold laser because I wasn’t noticing enough benefit to use the PEMF regularly (the cold laser is very handy for my knee now).

But I imagine the immediate and significant effects from the EWOT will promote motivation for consistent use. Just the increased energy and clarity can provide the wherewithal for improved follow through.

I’m not going to pull out the pom poms just yet, but I can confidently say EWOT therapy has immediately noticeable and beneficial effects.

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