EWOT update — defective machine, have to exchange, sigh

I got all the EWOT equipment, and it just sat there for two weeks. So many big changes in my life recently coupled with a post-move mold relapse (it seems pretty common to feel temporarily worse after you get into cleaner air, and for that to come and go for a few months). Also, I live in a 400 sqft studio and felt daunted about where I was going to put a 4’x6′ bag of air. (I am going to hang it from the ceiling.)

But finally, after reading all the info, I opened everything up to set it up. Yay!

Boo. The alarm on the oxygen concentrator keeps going off after five minutes. There is one button and one dial, so not a whole lot to troubleshoot. I suspect I’ll be packing this puppy up for an exchange. Sigh.

The good news is I have been using my spin bike in the meantime. That will be my method of getting my heart rate up with the EWOT. Again, you don’t have to have exercise equipment. But I’m loving the bike. I use the Peloton app ($20 a month if you use a non-Peloton bike), or watch a movie, and use my heart rate monitor to to hit whatever heart rate goals I have chosen — either a HIIT type workout or endurance. My sit bones hate the bike, but I’m told they will get used to it. Hope so, ow.

Peloton is a huge craze right now, and that turned me off initially. But now I see why people like it. Between the bike, the app, and online support groups (Facebook and Reddit), it’s too easy not to use and enjoy.

I bought a Keiser spin bike. I read over and over they are superior to Peloton bikes. The Peloton was ridiculously priced imo, but people love theirs and that’s great if you can afford one. I find on the west coast there are not enough live Peloton classes with times that work for me. I don’t care about where I rank on the leaderboard (which you only get with a Peloton bike), because it’s going to be near the bottom anyway lol. I didn’t want to stare into a giant screen, I do that all day. Also, the screen hardware will become outdated and then you have to buy a new one. Lastly, there are other apps besides Peloton and I want the flexibility to choose. I heard Soul Cycle will be coming out with their own online classes. With a non-Peloton bike I have flexibility.

So, I will keep spinning until I can get functional EWOT equipment set up. Exercise is great for oxygenation and if the weather is crummy where you live, having an indoor spin bike is a great way to boost oxygenation of your brain and body and get a nice little exercise high.

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