EWOT deliberations: Day 2

I was all set to purchase the Maxx O2 and feeling pretty stressed out about the price and the debt I would incur. Then I started reading more on the LiveO2 site, which developed EWOT systems prior to Maxx O2. Their site devotes considerable text to making the standard EWOT system seem useless; instead, you have to have an “adaptive contrast” system.

The science makes sense. The adaptive system goes back and forth between flooding your body with oxygen to making you slightly hypoxic. The theory is a few seconds in a hypoxic state opens up your blood vessels so oxygen is pushed even further into your tissues in the same period of time.

Sounds great, right? Well, the adaptive EWOT systems are now in the $5,000 range. At that point I threw in the towel on the whole idea…until I came across a random Texas guy on youtube.

One of the most potent toxins when managing or recovering from a chronic health condition such as autoimmunity or mold illness is STRESS. I realized the benefits of EWOT would have to compete with the stress of the debt of an adaptive EWOT system weighing on me for YEARS.

The $5,000 EWOT workaround

So I went back to the internet to pursue a DIY system and found this older gentleman in Texas explain his very Texan hack of a $5,000 system. (I’m a native Texan so I couldn’t help but chuckle.)

He said that instead of spending $5,000 on an adaptive contrast system, try this:

Hold your breath.

That’s right, just hold your breath for about 10 seconds during your therapy about once a minute or so. That will make you temporarily hypoxic so that oxygen is pushed deeper into your tissues when you resume breathing again. He said he feels it works because he notices a big difference once he starts breathing again after every short hypoxic interlude. I highly recommend his video.

One thing I had a hard time with from his video, however, was the use of a $12 Walmart mattress protector as an oxygen bag. He off gassed both sides of his in the sun. Maybe that works, and he said EWOT turned his health around, but I’m not sure I could psychologically get over sucking 900 liters of oxygen from a giant vinyl bag made in China and sold by Walmart.

So I went back to look at EWOT-specific bags and came across the Turbo EWOT system. The back-and-forth between Maxx O2 and LiveO2 was stressing me out. LiveO2 is the originator, Maxx O2 says they have improved the design. There is clearly some ugliness going on there. I don’t know enough either way. It’s just like PEMF mats, red light systems, yadda yadda.

Turbo EWOT seems to quietly be doing their own thing at a more affordable price point. They’re not trying to upsell you on bigger oxygen generators or more expensive systems. On the contrary, they’re giving you options and workarounds for your budget.

So now I’m looking at a system that takes twice as long to fill the bag but costs $700 less (if you watch his video you get a discount at the end). What was going to cost $3,000 and then $5,000, then $1,600 with the Turbo EWOT, then around $1400 with a refurbished oxygen generator with a 3-year warranty from Turbo EWOT. Still debt to pay off, but much less stressful. If I get the great health benefits I keep hearing about it will be a bargain compared to hyperbaric sessions, doctor’s visits, bags full of supplements, and so on.

***Update: I talked with the woman who takes order for the Turbo EWOT. The originator of the product, Mike — the guy in the videos — has been a breathing specialist for going on 50 years now. He’s been studying, innovating, and selling oxygen-based therapies for decades and developed his own superior EWOT mask. He’s going on 80 years old and you can tell from his videos he’s a firecracker. She said he has limitless energy and that he believes, based on his years of experience and countless observations, that oxygen therapy is the foundation to all healing.***

Again, you can DIY this whole system for substantially less than that. I love health gadgets and all the science going on, but truth is they are not financially accessible to most people. I just heard some testimonials from a doctor who uses EWOT therapy with all his chronically ill patients with amazing results, so I’m excited to try EWOT out for myself and do a mold mycotoxin and staph retest a few months down the road.

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  • Bela Kovacs
    June 16, 2020 4:13 pm

    The new mattress bags from Walmart are not vinyl and barely have a smell, put it on the sun or put some ozone in it if it smells.

    • There are several different kinds of waterproof mattress bags from Walmart. Which ones do you believe (in your opinion) are best to use as an oxygen reservoir?

      • Functional Health News
        September 28, 2020 2:24 pm

        I honestly don’t know as I chose to buy one made of surgical grade material. It was expensive though. Find out the return policy and then try a few out after you let them air out and let us know.


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