Episode #12: Diseases of captivity, sitting disease, and being a sedentary athlete: How to reboot your brain through movement

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David Gallina is a naturopathic student who studies the connection between movement and neurology. In this fascinating discussion, he explains how sitting all day and loss of flexibility severely impacts brain function, even if you work out regularly. The human brain is advanced as it because it developed to perform complex physical movements, yet few of us do them regularly. You’ll learn how you can radically boost brain health through simple movements throughout the day, even if a chronic autoimmune condition has you feeling run down. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting in a rejuvenating squat by the end of the episode.   

Gallina is the founder of Hybrid Movement Practice in Seattle. He will be speaking at the IAFNR 2017 functional neurology conference on the Importance of the General Movement Paradigm and Novelty in Functional Neurology.

With host Elaine Marshall.

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