Episode #9: The role of fight, flight, and freeze responses in early childhood brain development

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In this episode, renowned childhood brain development specialist Dr. Robert Melillo talks about how early survival reflexes shape the development of the brain, and how early brain development disorders — which start in the womb — can throw a wrench in healthy brain growth. This leads to incomplete development and the rise of issues we increasingly see today: autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Tourette’s, etc. in children. Dr. Melillo is the author of several books about childhood brain development disorders and the many factors that cause autism. Learn more about Dr. Melillo at drrobertmelillo.com. Dr. Melillo is the founder of IAFNR and will be speaking at the 2017 IAFNR functional neurology conference. (iafnr.org)

With host Elaine Marshall.

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