Learn how to Banish Brain Fog in six weeks!

Last year Dr. Kharrazian presented his six-week online course called Save Your Brain: The Six-Week
Brain Rescue Plan
, based on his book, Why Isn’t My Brain Working? It was a great success!

Feedback was so positive he decided to offer the course again, this time with a focus on Brain Fog.

Banish Brain Fog: The Six-Week Brain Rescue Plan

— How to clear your head and get your brain function back —

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Your brain feels like it’s in a fish bowl, the clouds, or a puddle of mud.
  • It’s difficult to do your job, take care of your family, remember things, or enjoy the things in life that make you happy.
  • Your brain operates in slow motion.
  • You suffer from other symptoms such as fatigue, depression, lack of motivation, and autoimmunity or inflammation.

Brain Fog is NOT normal!

People make jokes about Brain Fog, but I assure you it’s not funny. It is your brain’s way of telling you all is NOT well.

Brain Fog signifies your brain is aging (degenerating) too fast!

It means inflammation is attacking your brain and destroying cells.

This plays a role in fatigue, lack of concentration, depression, poor digestion, and lack of motivation. What can you do?


If you’re struggling with Brain Fog, it can be difficult to know where to start.

You could make some good guesses and start throwing supplements at your Brain Fog. But a hit or miss approach could cost you time, money, and frustration, leaving you just as bad off as when you started.

That is why Dr. Kharrazian created his Banish Brain Fog: The Six-Week Brain Rescue Plan course. It’s your personal tour guide through his brain book, Why Isn’t My Brain Working?

An effective sequence to help banish Brain Fog

Over many years of working with thousands of patients, Dr. Kharrazian developed a specific, effective sequence of restoring brain health. He will help you step by step through the sequence to organize it into a life plan.

He learned that starting with the basics and working through them in sequential order provides a solid foundation to address Brain Fog and associated symptoms of depression, fatigue, memory loss, and lack of motivation.

What’s included in the Banish Brain Fog course?

  • A private course website where you have access to weekly chapters that guide you through my time-tested health management sequence.
  • Weekly chapters that include videos, transcripts, audio options, and a downloadable, interactive PDF workbook to help you learn and progress at your own pace.
  • A private Facebook discussion forum hosted by Dr. Kharrazian and his assistants, where you can ask questions, and make connections with other members of the course.
  • LIVE weekly Q&A webinars with Dr. Kharrazian, where he answers key questions from the discussion forum. He even provides a transcript afterwards, for members who can’t watch it live.

Afraid you might not be able to keep up? Don’t worry! You can go as slowly as you need, with access to the website, materials, and discussion group on an ongoing basis.

“Take this course! It’s priceless, it really did save my brain! I’ve been suffering with Brain Fog for years, read lots of books (including Dr. Kharrazian’s), but needed this hands-on course with the assessments to get me on the path to fog-free brain! Thanks for offering this type of program.” — Caryn

Be part of the Banish Brain Fog online community

The information in this course will put you light years ahead of the conventional paradigm when it comes to assessing your brain health and drastically improving it.

Because Brain Fog usually comes packaged with other symptoms — fatigue, depression, memory loss, loss of motivation, etc. — you will likely find relief from more than just Brain Fog.

Please join the Banish Brain Fog: The Six-Week Brain Rescue Plan and start learning how to care for and improve your brain health and function.

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