My name is Elaine Marshall. After becoming a mom 11 years ago I discovered my passion for functional medicine when confronted with health issues in myself and my children. In my quest to better our health I became certified as a nutritional therapist and went on to acquire several hundred more hours of education in functional medicine (including functional neurology), primarily from Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MNeuroSci.

Because my background is in writing, I used my new education to become a ghostwriter of books, articles, and web content for functional medicine practitioners.

I also help others take charge of their health through functional blood panel interpretation, supplement guidance, and dietary advice. I’m a big believer in self-education and doing the work yourself while consulting with a licensed and qualified practitioner for the trickier stuff. Their experience and education is invaluable. I work with one of the best functional medicine practitioners in the field and refer people to her — she is able to work with you long distance. For more info, please contact me.

Hippocrates said all disease begins the gut. Diet,  gut health, and blood sugar balance are the foundations to your health journey. They are also factors everyone can address on their own, and this site is here to help you do that.